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Remember when life was exciting?

When days were short and years were long. 

Did you love a real challenge and take the lead with style?

Don’t worry, it wasn’t you that changed!

You are the same smart and daring person you remember.
  • You still out-shine your coworkers at a job that challenges them but not you
  • You still inspire total strangers with your cool confidence and easy humor
  • You still crave adventure and danger even when those around you hide in fear
All you need is the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY at the RIGHT TIME to make your biggest impact in the world.

That time is RIGHT NOW!

The private intel industry is BOOMING and needs your help.
The US government has dedicated $56 billion for private intel ops this year and every year moving forward.

That means the private intel sector is exploding, worth more $200 billion over the next five years!
Private intel agencies are desperate for SMART, TALENTED PEOPLE LIKE YOU to join their ranks IMMEDIATELY.
I was tapped by several private intel agencies that knew the success of my intel certification workshops and online courses.

And they promised an exclusive intel job interview to any person that I recommended.
The Private Intel Pipeline is YOUR OPPORTUNITY for the greatest adventure you've always wanted.
The Private Intel Pipeline is a first-of-its-kind digital pathway that guarantees you an exclusive job interview with a trusted private intel agency.

When you finish the Private Intel Pipeline, I'll immediately schedule your hiring interview with a private intel partner looking for your talents.
  • Earn six-figures a year working exciting operations in covert human, tech, and military intelligence 
  • Replace your mind-numbing day job with an unforgettable, high-demand career in the field 
  • Make your dream career a reality while everyone else keeps watching life pass them by
Your path to an elite, high-paying career will never be as direct and simple as this.

The Private Intel Pipeline is your structured, reliable, and easy-to-follow system that gives you all the skills and credentials you need to win an impressive private intel job FAST.

No prior intel experience is needed, there are no health or age limits, and your interview is GUARANTEED once you complete the pipeline.
Count yourself among these NEW INTEL PROS!

     "I just accepted a role with the US Secret Service as a Special Agent! I can’t believe how quickly I was accepted using your insights after spending years watching my government applications get ignored. Thank you!”
- Bryan, CT

     “The Pipeline process quickly analyzed my skill sets and lined me up with IC professionals to secure work in less than a week. Absolutely incredible!”
- Brandon, FL

     "I put the time in, I made the effort, and I worked through the program and guess what? Last week, I started a new career working in a my dream field!”
- Aaron, GA
Unleash your potential at your own pace with proven skills that prepare you for your new private intel career!
Here is everything included...
  • Unlimited access to my OPTHINK (HUMINT) Masterclass ($1997 Value)
    Use cutting-edge interactive training technology to learn real-world HUMINT (human intelligence) influence and mindset tactics from Ex-CIA officer Andrew Bustamante to think like a spy, take control of your environment, and make more money than you ever thought possible.
  • Unlimited access to my NEWSHACKER (OSINT) Masterclass ($1697 Value)
    OSINT (open-source intelligence) is the science of pulling secrets straight out of headline news. Learn the system elite intel services use to make sense out of spin and hack through media noise to find invaluable intel that can shape history predict world events.
  • The Intel Insider Masterclass ($1697 Value)
    Intel is only as good as it’s source. Master the art and science of intel collection, analysis, and reporting to elite agency standards with this private, LIVE video presentation series that includes Q&A with your fellow pipeline peers.
  • BONUS #1: The Spy Self-Care Masterclass ($997 Value)
    Operational excellence comes down to personal excellence. When you craft your mind and body like a spy, you beat bad guys, bad days, and bad intel with no effort at all.
  • ​BONUS #2: Spy Pro-Tips for Rapid Language Learning ($197 Value)
    This crash course is the shortcut to your first massive career victory so you can win money fast and leave your peers green with envy from your sudden gains.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Hiring Interview with a Trusted Private Intel Firm...GUARANTEED (Not For Sale Anywhere!)
    After you complete the Private Intel Pipeline, you will be scheduled for a hiring interview with a trusted private intel partner. This unbelievable opportunity doesn't exist anywhere but here.
The Private Intel Pipeline is a life-changing professional package valued at more than $6,585…
And it is transforming talent like yours into new heroes for everyday people all around the world.

Why do people pay so much for it?

Because the private intel sector is booming RIGHT NOW and unbelievable adventure and wealth is just one short job interview away... 

And it's Guaranteed!

After completing the Private Intel Pipeline, if you don’t get hired by an elite public or private intel partner, I’ll immediately refund your full payment, plus you keep all the intel resources I send you!
That means I am willing to pay you just for taking a chance to make your dreams come true.

I’m GIVING you the skills and OPENING your door.

All YOU have to do is step through.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Just fill out the details below and I'll send you everything you need to get started on the path to your new intel career NOW! 

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Secrets From The Greatest Spies You’ve Never Known: Shadow Lessons is my private collection of interviews with elite covert operatives from around the world. Get spy tools, tactics, and tales directly from former KGB and CIA officers and learn how to catch liars, spot covert influence, and stop bad guys that threaten you, your family, and your future!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After completing the Private Intel Pipeline, if you don’t get hired by an elite public or private intel partner, I’ll immediately refund your full payment, plus you keep all the intel resources I send you!

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